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Changes are happening this Spring.

We are migrating to the New Digital DSTAR Repeater Format.

We invite your donations and grants to the good start we have going on right now.

Some VHF Digital Systems have already been installed and working great!

Members that wish to get their own e-mail address@winetwork.org need to send Annual Membership Fee $25.00 via PayPal and contact sysop@winetwork.org for set up.


Please give your callsign even if you are just testing your ability to access the repeaters.

Wisconsin Interstate Network, Inc.  is proud to announce that our new

VE Testing team is now available for testing candidates for all classes of Amateur Licenses.

Click here: to contact our team to schedule a test session.


 Click for a Complete List of Wisconsin Repeaters 

See this link for Aerial Press Video and Photographic Voluntary Services



 EchoLink   Connect to this system from anywhere in the World over the Internet.  NODE # 18006

              Your Tax Deductible Donations are graciously accepted to help maintain this amateur linked communications system.           

Thank you to the following contributorsYou can have your name/call HERE: 
Mid-West Family Broadcasting of Eau Claire, WA9TT,  WI, Mount Horeb Telecom,  Jamba Storage, LLC,WQPC, WPRE, City of Waupaca, WI, W9DAV, KE0LMX, KE0LSR, W9CNN,  WeddingProDJ/K9ZLX, WD9HRE, KB9ZKS, KC9YI, KDTLS, KC9FNX, W9JAR, K9STN & ARES/RACES East Central District, KC9ZNV, W9JCJ, K9CHU,  Pointon Communications, W9POF, Hidden Valley ARC, KF9AQ, KB9ZKS, W9FZ, K9STN,  KC9UNZ, Juneau County ARC, Pine Valley Repeater, LTD, N9NIC, KB5ZJU, KB9WCK, WATERTOWN ARC, WB9EZY, K9JGK, WSFK, KB9SCT, AB9PJ, KC9HBT & KC9FIU, WA9JDR, WX9W, KC9YI, W9RCK, N9QIP, WX9EP, Magnum Broadcasting, AB9NS,  Green Bay Mike and Key Club, Inc, Green County Amateur Radio Association, Badger Towers, KF9JA, KC9DWP, Country Wireless LLC,  WD9ISQ, K9JYX, KC9FKH, WD9GWG and Polk County ARA N9XH,  KB9MAO, N9INL, K9KJM,  KC9HEA, KCWO, KC9IZG, AB9HH, K9JGK, N9YTL, Frank's Radio Service,  The Membership of Sun Prairie Amateur Radio Club (SPARK), W9FZ,  KB9LUK, KC9IVY(sk), W9ULK,  Marquette County ARES/RACES, NOOZ, K9RIJ, KI4HZP, KC9KSQ, AA9NV, W9GPI, WD9HRE, KB9RWX, Wood County Emergency Management, Oconto Electric Cooperative, K9MLD, Jenkins Motor Sales,  N9SZV, NWLU, Dodge County Sheriff, WA9EMY, KC9EUU, N9LT, N9FE, W9FDA, KAPIE, N9UDO,  Global Signal Acquisitions LLC, W9GDH, KW9R,  KK9A, KCUEB,  KB3LXG, N9TD,  N9ISN, N9NTB, KB9AKM, N9ROY, K9WC, N9PBY, W9JWM(sk), N9SNJ, N9FBF, N9GMT, W9JA, N9LGD,  Alliant Energy, Crescent Electric Supply, Electric Motor ServiceYellow Thunder ARCNielsen Communications, Inc., Lyle & Matthew Jessie, Marathon Media, Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P.  Scott ConstructionSkywave TowerWKBT TV-8, WFAW/WSJY, Broadband Wireless, Robert Star, Moraine Radio, NXDX, WAIH, N9UNW, KB9YXV, KMN, N9RZL, KR9A, K4KXX,  Magnum Radio Group,  KB9VGM, W9RPM, N9PQK, KA9SRO, Great River A.R.C., WVRA, KB9TYC, KB9WTB, N9TUU, KB9VMC, Robert Burt, Jackson County Sheriff, John Burningham,  AF4O, JSM Communications, Inc.,  City of Madison, Juneau County Sheriff, Cellcom of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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