2018 W.I.N. Repeater Guide

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Node # 18006

There is NO Touch-Tone Access to Outbound connections to Echo-Link



For Members only Repeaters access, please contact us

  Those who want to use this system are expected to conduct themselves in a favorable light.  Those who use the system must comply with all the FCC Rules and Regulations

Please allow at least a second or two before you begin talking for all repeaters to link up and pass your audio.

This is a very large system, some delays can't be helped. 

Please give your callsign even if you are just testing your ability to access the repeaters.

Please observe common courtesy to all.  (leave room for emergencies and breaking stations)

Click on a City Name for a Photo of the site

City Frequency   PL Callsign Sponsor information  Tail Letter Rpt.Status  
Amberg 443.700 + 114.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   1.45m H
Baraboo   443.900 +  77.0 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6GE


Eau Claire/ Albertville   442.800 +  110.9 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6K A
EchoLink System Wide  M/W N9QIP W.I.N.   2.0.908k PING  
Edgerton   442.300 +  123.0 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6k                   J  Members Only              
Fond du Lac                   442.400 + 107.2 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6k         F Members Only              
Galesville   442.500 +  131.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v4.5k                    G
Green Bay  443.400 +  100.0 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6K P
Hancock/Coloma           442.725 + 123.0 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6k                  C
Hayward 444.225 + 110.9 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6m  Pending site acquisition    
Hollandale   444.550 +  123.0 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6k                D  
Madison 441.400 +  123.0 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N    Ik                 U
Marshfield 444.850 + 114.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N    v6K M
Medford 444.150 114.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v6K Q
Milwaukee  443.275 +  127.3 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6K  K  Members Only              
Minneapolis   442.075 +  110.9 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6m      M^  
Black River Falls 443.550 +  131.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   4.5k                  N           
Platteville 442.200 + 123.0 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N    1.47K T
Pound 442.000 + 114.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.   v6m O             
Prairie du Chien 444.450 + 131.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v6k I              
Rice Lake   442.100 + 110.9 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v6k  L  
Richland Center 442.700 + 131.8 Hz W9PVR W.I.N. & Pine Valley ARC v6k X  
River Falls  443.025 + 110.9 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v6k  R            
Sayner 444.400 + 114.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v6m Y Off for Service        
Sheboygan 444.300 + 146.2 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v6K S^
Tomah   444.800 + 131.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v6K S
Watertown 440.150 + 123.0 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N   v6K Z           
Waupaca 444.675 + 114.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v6K V
Wausau   442.200 + 114.8 Hz WI9WIN W.I.N.  v6m                   W Off for Service
Watertown 145.190  - 123.0 K9LUK W.I.N. & Jefferson Co. ARC  750K E
Green Lake 146.955  - 123.0 WB9RBC W.I.N. & GFARC   750K                 E
Hollandale 147.285 +


WI9WIN W,I.N. DSTAR PROJECT                    
Marshfield 147.045 +


Sayner 147.360+


Fond du Lac 145.345-



Prairie du Chien   VHF DSTAR   W.I.N. DSTAR PROJECT   Under Construction
Tomah    VHF DSTAR   W.I.N. DSTAR PROJECT   Under Construction
Galesville 147.000+    131.8 N9TUU W.I.N. & TCARES/RACES     E
Prairie du Chien  147.120 +


WSFK W.I.N.                                           750K E Off air Lightning

VHF Repeaters are Not Linked to UHF

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